Following in the toddler’s footsteps, each two’s pursuit of independence continues! The two-year-old’s curiosity and desire to conquer his/her expanding world are accompanied by blossoming social skills and cognitive and language development. At LFDP, our teachers foster each child’s developing abilities by offering him/her opportunities which promote exploration and learning, individual and independent choices, language and social skills.

Group Time

Book reading, songs, nursery rhymes, and storytelling are moments of delight for the two-year-old as his/her developing language skills and cognitive understanding allow him/her to capture their meaning or morals. Through these activities and with the support and guidance of our teachers and Mia, each child learns new concepts and develops his/her language, listening, and memory abilities. Mia is always happy to join!

Discovery Time

The two’s curiosity and eagerness to master the world around him/her surface in his/her exploration and learning. Our teachers’ focus at this age is to provide learning activities and experiences which offer each child opportunities to explore, manipulate, question, and experiment. Science projects, manipulation of learning materials, and sensory exploration foster each child’s critical thinking, problem-solving ability, and fine motor development. Mia’s science experiments are always captivating!

Art Time

Various art activities and experimentation with different art materials offer each child rich sensory experiences and opportunities to creatively transform ideas into physical forms. These experiences also develop each child’s concentration and coordination abilities and his/her fine and gross motor skills. With the appropriate support from our teachers and Mia throughout each child’s creative process, his/her learning and development are enhanced.

Dramatic Play Time

The two-year-old enacts stories, routines, and favorite activities every day during his/her pretend play. The child also begins making connections between the concepts he/she learns and the plots he/she performs. As each child thinks, imagines, and communicates with others during his/her play, he/she develops social skills, problem-solving strategies, and language. Supported by Mia and our teachers, each child shares the delight of playing roles and telling stories!

Movement Time

Movement time includes exciting and challenging physical activities. Running, jumping, climbing and riding a bike boost each toddler’s eagerness for exploration and the development of new skills. Encouraged and guided by our teachers and Mia, each toddler progresses from beginner to advanced, mastering the skills at his/her own pace. By playing actively indoors and outdoors, each toddler develops muscle strength, endurance, agility, coordination, balance, and flexibility, as well as building confidence and social skills thru interaction with the other kids.


Developmentally Appropriate Practice

At LFDP, we implement a highly personalized, developmentally appropriate, and integrated curriculum, which promotes development and lifelong learning.

'Playful Learning'

Our hands-on activities and experiences combine play and learning, offering each child opportunities to explore and construct knowledge about the world.

Mia – Our Ladybug

Caring and fun, Mia guides and supports each child through his/her daily learning activities and experiences.